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R.I.P Abu  
05:33pm 01/10/2011
Because Yesterday was the worst day ever!

We unfortunately - after 18 lovely long years - had to put our dog down :( I'm going to miss him sooooo much!
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An update  
11:01pm 13/08/2011
Well I have just been re-reading some of my past entries and realise how invaluble they are (in terms of trips and the more important things I have done.)So I thought why not talk about my latest travels...since I have had 5weeks o/s this year already.

So here is to an entry and some more MBT (marina's bad typing for those who do not know)....but hopefully not too much of that. :P

So where to start? I think i'll do a brief recap of my USA trip then a more detailed one of the Uk 15days. If I can remember how to insert some photos (or where I have put them) there maybe some of those too :)

So yes.... back in Feb we headed off for 3 weeks to the USA. First stop was NJ/NY to see family. Though we did get some shopping at woodbury's outlets in first (2days to be exact). The next 5 days were spent with my Aunt Rita, Yaya and Aunt Georgia mainly. But we did get to see everyone. Aunt Rita did a great dinner for the whole family on our last day and we spent one day with just the cusions down at sea side (yes the home of jersey shore - I find it quiet amusing that that most likely would have been me had I not moved countries) with Dinner in Philadelphia. I also get to see Travis for a couple of hours. but yea we really ticked the box on seeing everyone.

Next stop was las Vegas for 3 nights. AWESOME! though I did already know this. We stayed in Treasure Island and Caesar's palace casinos. Caesar was by far the best and Tim and I had fun with there black jack machines! We found the pin ball hall of fame (over 200 working pin ball machines dating from as early as 1911) and spent a day at hoover dam. Andrew and Lani did their own thing with a Grand canyon tour (while we did Hoover dam). Found and loved "In n Out burgers', Cawfish cafe (do not recall its name but it was on man vs food) as well as KGB Burgers (one of the best gormet burgers I've had....and not smothered in cheese which is a great start for hte usa :P).

Final stop was San Fransisco. Now I really didn't like the city much while i was there. but have grown to absolutely love it over the last few months since being back. We spent a day at Muir woods, found an awesome icecreamary (LOVE cherry garcia and roasted almond ice cream :P). This place - again from man vs food has a scoop of each flavour served in a kitchen sink :) all 36 flavours of ice cream. We didn't get that but was awesome to see one come out :). we hit up the farmers markets nad had a pork knuckle dish from rolly-rooties. Got our shit stollen so lost all the photos we'd taken to that point. By shit I mean tim's camera bag. Massively shitty. we never seem to have a break from having our crap taken. We spent a day at the national science museum and another in a vinyl record store (which tim even bought a t-shirt from.) Road the cable car quiet a few times and saw the cable car museum. In total - a really big more laid back version of newtown. But a newtown I actually like...*blinks* sounds strange - but yea. its a funky little city that is a good reminder of home.

SO that was the US trip - the main thing that plagued it was my uncle being very painful and causing a lot of tension and stress. Plus slight difficulty in dealing with Lani and Andrew - communication break down really between all parties. So I think I'll travel with either my aunt (singularly) or Tim and Andrew (as a two-some).

Now to the UK. This was for a wedding - one of my aunt's cusions (who I have spent a fair bit of time with in my last uk trip 2005 and with his visits to australia). I finally worked out how all the uk 'family' fit in... they are my auts great granddad's sibbilings offspring. So basically the persons whose wedding we were at is 4th cusions with my aunt. At that rate I find it kinda hard to call it family....4th cusions??? a bit far removed I think. BUT anyway. so yea we were invited to a wedding and I got to go :). basically my aunt made me tag along. In short this is what we did:
Flight into Newcastle, UK spent the day with one of the brothers, then off to georges (the main link, whose 1 of 3 son's was the one getting married). From here we spent a day with another section of the family (different lot of cusions) before going to York for a day, followed by 2 days in Edinburgh. We played carpet bowls for a whole day, before heading ot the wedding in burton-upon-trent, where we came back to newcastle via chester and liverpool. I then had a10hr delay in London city were I met up with Peetree before heading home. And getting home just in time for riots to start. So I think very nicely planned :)

That's the really short version. The longer more complaining version will be in a following post.
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I have moved up the social ladder  
02:28pm 09/07/2011
Well - sort of as I have joined twitter.....if anyone so does wish to follow me.

Other than that I am off to London in 5days! very excited. It's for a cusions wedding :) yay! 
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01:41pm 18/03/2011
ok here is the short hair - the purple was in 2 patches on the side of my head (under a layer of tophair :P).... these pics are from san francisco so the purple is really faint :(... I will wait and see if my aunt has any pics of me. Since (as our luck tends to be) we had all our film stollen. blargheiohtlksnet! dam san fran robbers!

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(no subject)  
02:44pm 25/02/2011
I have short/chin length chocolate brown hair with blocks of purple.

I'm pretty excited! looks very cool! :)
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There is a situation  
09:32am 23/01/2011
Le sigh.... I don't usually post and I really don't watch/get into reality TV. but OMG I'm in love with the laughter that is Jersey Shore! maybe it is the NJ girl in me enjoying that but honestly it is the most hilarious show ever....*giggles*
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i completely agree wth this graph  
06:44pm 24/10/2010
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(no subject)  
08:44am 13/10/2010
I have decided to quit science....

This has been causing me a bunch of stress lately - and in so many ways still is. *le sigh*
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(no subject)  
08:37am 23/09/2010
Yesterday - 22 September, The world lost a fabulous person! Philip Anderson will be soooo incredibly missed.

I am still in such shock!
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(no subject)  
08:12am 16/07/2010
*sigh* I is sick again. which is not cool....and I am missing the soccer already.

In other disappointing news I am missing my billy thunder and the night gate book. I didn't lend it to anyone did i????
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